Ten tools every professional or DIY painter should have.  These ten tools are essential to getting your project done properly or more important, like a professional painter did it.  Click on the tool link to learn more about the tool I trust and use and to purchase it from my tool store.


  1. Purdy XL Glide angled sash brush

This is the best all-around brush I have used over the last 15 years.  Great for interior and exterior painting.  Cuts in like a pro, cleans fast and easy, lasts for years, and is quality made. 


  1. Wooster roller handle

Wooster make quality painting tools and I love their rollers.  4, 9, and 18” roller frame from Wooster are awesome.  They are stiff, have comfortable handles, and last a long time.  They are strong, spins smoothly, and will last for years if you take care of it and clean it well. It


  1. Hyde 5-in1 tool

No painter should go to work without this tool.  5 tools in one.  Open a paint can, scrape loose paint, cut open a 5 gallon bucket, use as a screw driver, scrape out excess paint from a roller, and more.


  1. Purdy 4-8’ extension pole

Paint faster with and extension pole.  Save your knees and back as you do not have to bend over or climb ladders.  No painter or DIY person should ever paint without an extension pole.  I own about 30 in various sizes. 


  1. 3M hand masker

This tool is the best invention in painting ever.  Saves you so much time and makes you money.  I use the plastic blade for paper also.  The ladder hook is cool cause you can hang two of them on your pockets.  Paper and plastic. 


  1. Hyde X2 paint scraper

I went 13 years painting without using a paint scraper.  I always used a 5-in-1 tool.  That was a big mistake.  These tools work and scrape peeling paint off fast.  Do not make the mistake of not adding this tool to your bag.


  1. Dripless caulking gun

I do not like the expensive fancy caulking guns.  I like the basic metal caulking gun and it must use ratchet teeth.  Make sure it has a cutter to cut the end of new caulking tubes and a poker to open 100% silicone tubes of caulking.  And of course, never get one unless it is dripless.


  1. Snap knife

The snap version so the best as just a quick snap and you have a new blade. Use it when masking windows, cutting painters plastic, cutting open a caulking tube, and so much more.  You need one of these in your pocket at all times


  1. Drop cloth

You can never have to many drop cloths.  Canvas drop cloths are the best and the ones from 3M that have non slip beads on the back are great for tile and hardwood floors. 


  1. PiViT ladder leveler

Second best invention in painting behind the hand masker.  The hand little device can be a step, level a ladder, making working on stairs simple, work with planks on extension ladders and so much more.