Chris Berry

Project Manager. Chris is faithful, generous and thoughtful to his customers, his employees, and his family. He pauses before he reacts, trying to see all angles of a situation and all possible solutions. Driven by his love for God and his faith in His Word, Chris has a delightful commitment to his family and a very apparent and deep love for his wife. Outside of painting, he enjoys racing bikes, snowboarding, and spending time with his kids.“We hire people based on their good character, and then we train them to be good craftsman.” Chris is thankful for our wonderful customers and wants to provide them the best experience possible. Chris is grateful to God for his grace towards B&K Painting, but he is even more grateful for his wife, three children, health.

Lisa Berry

Payroll & Customer Relations. With enthusiasm and love for her beautiful children, God, her life and her work, Lisa  is a joy to interact with. She has been our Office Manager for 8 years, and when a new customer calls or a new project begins, hers is the first and last voice they will hear. Lisa loves her job, and cheerfully sums it up with the phrase, “It is never boring with Chris!” When she steps away from her computer and phone for the evening, she loves the calm: the Bible, gardening, her lovely girls, her chicken and puppies, and general “serving her husband” are her favorite pastimes. “I really love working with our customers. They are such a wonderful, diverse group of people; I enjoy each of them.”