Glazed Door Anyone???

Glazing isn’t just for donuts…. You can also glaze the door to your home. A glazed door adds the perfect touch to a newly painted home. In fact, some would say that it is what completes the project and ties everything together. We think that this beautiful glazed door is no exception. And if you look at the “before” photo below, I think you’d agree with us.


Frog Tape


Before glazing, we prepped the door with a light sanding. We also masked off the windows using Frog Tape. The reason we used Frog Tape is because it has a special technology infused into the sticky side of the tape, that causes the tape to swell when moisture hits it. This creates a tight seal between the surface and the tape. Ensuring that no glaze slips underneath, and that you will get clean crisp lines.



Once the door was all prepped and the surrounding areas masked off, we applied the glaze. We used SherWood in the color Van Dyke Brown SW 7041. We love the way this door turned out and think it adds a sense of sophistication to the home. But as always, what do you think? Have you used this product? What is your process for glazing a door?

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