PICTURE FRAMING Also known as haloing, halos, or even flashing to some. So what is picture framing? Description: Non-uniform color and sheen in the overlapped regions of a painted area. For instance, around windows or along ceiling cutins you see sheen or color differences. Causes: 1. Brushed areas generally appear darker than rolled areas. 2. Sprayed areas generally appear lighter than brushed and rolled areas. Spraying the paint atomizes the paint and changes the color appearance and lays out the color flakes different then a rolled on paint does. 3. Rolling one direction and cutting in another direction cause this. Solutions: 1. Better covering paint. 2. Multiple “cut-ins” may be required. 3. Maintain a wet edge when painting. 4. do not cut in after spraying paint. 4. Try to lay out paint same direction cut ins are done.